Sith Hierarchy: Factions of the Sith

(Note that this list is far from complete as a true catalogue of all the various minor worlds and factions would take many volumes. It is not uncommon for some of these factions to refuse to acknowledge being Sith as they will insist they are nothing of the sort. Right or wrong, general public opinion in the Galaxy will label them Sith regardless of any protests to the contrary.)

Cortesian Mercantile Empire

The Cortesian Confederacy is one of the longest lasting Mid-Rim fiefdoms still in existence. The large shipyards and a major hyperspace route to the Republic have ensured plenty of revenues and ships with which to defend it. This has also allowed the faction to control a number of the nearby hyperspace routes and establish themselves as one of the premier factions in the Hierarchy for centuries. A strong tradition of Sith Naval officers has done much to ensure the continued viability of the fleet and the trade empire against external threats.

Grand Sith Empire

The Grand Sith Empire is the last remnant of Emperor Methos’s Sith Empire. While most of the rest of the so-called Empire went independent shortly after Methos’s death, a loyal few followers and would be Emperors have kept portions of the Empire going for millennia. Sadly, even the most fervent Emperors have done little to stop the slow loss of systems and ships to other factions. Currently the Empire is in the midst of yet another civil war as the three Generals fight for the throne in the wake of Emperor Ahsen’s death. Whether or not the Empire will survive this latest crisis remains to be seen.

Martuk Cartel

The Martuk Cartel is a drug cartel run by the Narcotics Trafficker Martuk Hassan Il-Jaban. While not a Sith himself, Martuk does keep a number of Glaives under his control using the specially formulated drugs they require and only he can provide. With extensive connections to smuggling rings and the Hutts, Martuk has amassed himself a substantial fortune and considerable influence in Hierarchy space. He is also the only current Lord not actually a Sith himself. How long he can actually maintain control of his glaives is an open question, although rumors of a hidden power helping keep them in check are numerous.

The Wyrd

Run by the Wyrd Sisterhood, the Wyrd are an order of Nassadist and Curist Sorceresses hailing from an ancient cult of Force users. Backed by an almost religious like cult of followers from their worlds, the Wyrd Sisterhood wields absolute authority in all domestic affairs. With mystical rituals and incantations, the Sisterhood will always check for blessings and signs before making any major decisions and enemies of the Sisterhood are often on the receiving end of curses, hexes, and poisoning attempts. Being viewed as backwards and primitive by most of the rest of the Hierarchy has done little to dissuade them from their rituals. Indeed, the numerous failures of the more boistrous Sith in accomplishing their goals has further reinforced the idea that they understand the true nature of the Force.

Assan Knights

The Assan Knights can trace their heritage back to a splinter group of Jedi advocating a more aggressive stance to the “Sith Problem”. At first they were able to grab a significant following and foothold on Hierarchy territory as overly zealous Jedi leapt to the call. Unfortunately, many of the Assan Knights fell in battle or to the Dark Side in the ensuing war. While they still profess to hold to various virtuous ideals, the Assan Knights these days are considered little more than thugs and warlords. Internal accusations of Sithhood are nearly constant and purges of “Sith Taint” are frightfully common. It is only the masses of naive or fanatical recruits that keep the organization from collapsing entirely.

Wallan Network

The Wallan Network is the name given to the Rassan working in the dead Wallan Stellar Cluster. The cluster is utterly devoid of life save for the Rasson Machine Lords that direct the massive droid manufacturing armies. While they will occassionally come to the other factions with offers of massive amounts of equipment in exchange for some resource they are deficient in, the Wallan refuse to tolerate trespassers entering their territory uninvited. As such, this tends to make business deals rather one sided. What the Wallan are working on is largely unknown, but it is apparently not a superweapon given the testimony of the few Arethi that are allowed in from time to time for various purposes.

Wong Protectorate (aka The Wongtatorship)

The Wong Protectorate is under the “protection” of Ollie Wong, a Force based martial artist and Iron Sith. He and his legions of fans claim to defend the Galaxy from a number of (imagined) threats to it’s existence. The Protectorate is rather unique in that it relies solely on Ollie Wong for it’s defense. Indeed, reports of Ollie Wong smashing his way past the shields of an attacking Super Star Destroyer without a ship, storming the bridge, killing the Sith Lord, and then crashing the ship while aboard it himself were dismissed as overblown legends until other ships from the battle confirmed the story. Sadly, for all his claims to the contrary, Wong does little to protect the lives of those he supposedly protects in his drive to be in dramatic battles. His rather heavy handed and simplistic governing style hasn’t done the locals any favors either. Currently embroiled in a long standing holo feud with Chan Naldor of Coruscant over who is the greatest warrior in the Galaxy.

Varen Commonwealth

Located in a secluded stellar cluster near the edge of the Galaxy, the Varen reside at the end of a minor hyperspace route and can claim an excellent defensive position. The stellar cluster is very well developed despite being so far from the Galactic Core and has proven remarkably stable over the centuries. For the most part the Varen have limited their participation in the Hierarchy to largely the role of observers, although they have contributed special operations teams and valuable intel at various times during the war. The Varen are noted for being unusually stable and loyal internally while being ruthless and pragmatic to external affairs. Indeed their track record for consistently maintaining their gains over the long term and not wasting treasure on the short term has begun to attract attention from other factions, most notably the Augury Obscura.

Augury Obscura

Originally founded as the Inquisitorial Branch of Emperor Methos’ Empire, the Augurs of the Augury have enjoyed a priviledged position in the Sith Hierarchy for millennia now. While no one since Emperor Methos has been able to claim dominion over all of Sith space, the Augury certainly wield a great deal of influence on Sith affairs across the Galaxy. While this has certainly bound the various factions together into a loose coalition, the Augury has also accumulated a good deal of ill-will for all of their tampering in the affairs of others. While groups that try of capitalize on this sentiment quickly find themselves preemptively eliminated by uninvolved third parties before they even get the chance to try anything, there has however been a growing squabble between the Varen and the Augury Obscura for the last few decades. The Varen have proven resistant to Augury manipulations to Varen internal affairs, and the Augury has frequently interfered with a number of the Varen’s relations with the other factions. Varen claims of Augury interference in the Baramour conflict and support for various rebel factions in Varen space (culminating in a rather spectacular assassination attempt nearly twenty years ago) have been repeatedly denied.

Asean Mandate

Emperor Methos, during the height of his war against the Republic Remnant, issued a mandate while on the world of Asea calling for the extermination of the Jedi Order and created an order of Sith Knights dedicated to this cause. While Emperor Methos’ war against the Republic and the Jedi Order was ultimately doomed to failure, his Mandate still lives on with the Asean Knights. Dedicated to the destruction of the Jedi Order (the destruction of Alderaan gets quite a bit of lip service too), the Asean are largely made up of HoloSith and those with some grudge against the Jedi Order. As one of the more prominent and “storied” HoloSith factions, the Asean Mandate has managed to accumulate a substantial following and resource base to draw upon. However, thanks to the relentless influence of the various Holos, this manpower and material advantage largely gets squandered on continual infighting, assassinations, and over reliance on dramatic and ineffective tactics and weapons.

Knast Conglomerate

The Conglomerate is one of the largest manufacturing systems in the Galaxy. This collection of Artificers and Rassan have amassed an immense amount of hardware and software to bring to bare on a number of engineering issues. The Conglomerate will cheerfully build anything requested of them given sufficient money. Slaved manpower and armies of droids operate the gargantuan factories and shipyards that provide the many of the various Sith factions with a significant fraction of their supplies and equipment. Industrial accidents and sabotague are common though and this does tend to limit the output of the bigger and more exotic pieces of equipment, but many of the star destroyers in use in the Mid Rim and Outer Rim have been built, repaired, or refurbished by the Conglomerate.


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